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Ingredients: Saponified olive, rice & coconut oils, rainwater,  fragrance, green clay, annatto and certified water soluble colourant.


Getting to the bottom of the box on this batch and the soaps are a little bumpy and the batch is a little pale.....they still wash and feel great but not so perfect thus the discount.


Deffinitley the best seller!!! This fresh, natural, lemongrass citrus scent combined with zesty lime, lemon peel is uplfting and great for that early morning shower to wake up and get you going for the day.  Leave a few soaps sitting in a bowl in the bathroom and the beautiful soft smell will drift through the bathroom.


Weight: 110-120gms

This is a beautiful creamy soap that contains glycerine, a natural emollient that makes the perfect lather while adding moisture to the skin.


Everybody’s skin is different, so please test on a small patch of skin and discontinue use if a reaction occurs.


Lemongrass & Lime

$3.65 Regular Price
$3.47Sale Price
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