Winroc is the name of my parents farm located in Northern Victoria. 

The name Winroc represents the farmland located on the edge of a range of rocky hills, and

the property was subject to a lot of wind.

Being an eczema & psoriasis sufferer all my life, I found only homemade soaps could bring relief to my sensitive

skin.  I started making my own soaps, which I have now perfected and have made a great selection of soaps that

are as plain and as simple as they can be, in the hope they do not irritate the skin.  My soaps, containing mild,

skin nourishing oils, and natural glycerine create a perfect lather.  


We are all different and what suits one person may not suit the next.  When my skin is having a crappy day and is

dry or sensitive, I avoid the soaps with fragrance and choose the plainest, simplest soaps I can find like the

goat, soy or coconut milk, or rice and olive oil soaps that are high in fat and moisturising to the skin.

In handmade soap, the natural glycerine is retained giving the soap extra moisturising properties and making

it creamy on the skin.  


Everybody's skin is different so please test on a small patch of skin and discontinue use if reaction occurs.


Allow your soap to dry after use to prolong the life of your soap.